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We think beyond tasks set and strive to always have solutions for critical projects at hand. As an engineering service provider we excel all aspects of the development of complex, technical systems, supporting our clients in both, procedural and normative topics.

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With our portfolio we cover all aspects of the development of complex systems. With our expertise, we are the ideal engineering partner for clients working on the development, testing, production, life cycle management, project-, quality- and supplier management as well as the technical documentation of safety-critical projects.


We solely support clients operating in safety-critical environments. This focus enables us to deliver the highest standards by being liable to strict normative requirements. With our experts in project management, we support the following industries: medical engineering, aviation and space, renewable energies, automotive, rail, marine, safety and defence technology.


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Engineering is the practical application of science and technology to fill the need or requirement of a system or a machine with a solution. With our experts in complex system engineering, we apply science that is based on a wealth of experience coming from a wide range of projects in safety-critical industries. The strong conviction that only by fully understanding complex context and its technology one can find a suitable solution or application, is something we share with our clients. As a specialized engineering company we are able to draw on our knowledge and expertise from various regulated industries, to provide suitable results which allow your business to meet its full potential.

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The growth and success of our company is dependent on the performance of our staff. Qualified, motivated and loyal employees are the engine for our innovative capability and competitiveness. The willingness to think ahead and an enthusiasm for technology is what all our team members have in common. SCOPE Engineering is working on highly complex technology projects and offers a wide range of fascinating and challenging tasks. We do not only take responsibility for projects that make us proud but invest in our employees through services and further trainings.

If you are looking for a challenging job within a safety-critical industry, join our team and become a SCOPE expert.