About us

  • specialized engineering service provider and project specialist
  • mainly operating on the German-speaking market
  • focusing on safety-critical and regulated industries

We support industries of high standards which are subject to constant change. We offer high-level engineering and consulting services, enabling our clients to fully realise their projects. Working with SCOPE Engineering on your next engineering project, you will have chosen a specialised engineering service company, focussing exclusively on safety-critical, innovating engineering solutions.

We stand out in accurateness and service, for we understand our clients´ needs and grant quality over quantity. Within these services, our clients choose the contracting basis most suitable. Options are either for our experts to work onsite or remote in our technical department.

Our task is to connect experts and industries with tailor-made project solutions, offering comprehensive product development support, from conceptional design to maturity phase. Our clients have a high demand on quality, given their scope of activities is primarily expressed to be safety critical and essential.

Owing this fact, we have clustered our services based on our expertise into the following modules: development, testing, production, life cycle management, project-, quality- and supplier management as well as technical documentation.

You need support with your projects – We provide it!