New blog post (german): Standardization in technical documentation

Everyone is talking about concepts and standards. Our society gets a „new“ framework within which processes can work safely. This has been around for a long time in product and system development. Precisely defined standards, on the basis of which systems and products are developed and which guarantee functionality and safety. Standards that provide security. Almost like in a society …


Recruiting and active sourcing in times of crisis

The search for new employees is a lengthy process. What you now have to grind becomes a problem after the time of crisis. Many companies will not be fully staffed from now on and then the „battle for the best brains“ begins. Even before the crisis, it was difficult to find suitable experts for many areas. It is not for nothing that we have been talking about a persistent shortage of skilled workers for years.

How can you use the current situation?

Interview (german) with René Röthgen, SCOPE Engineering